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On this page you can put any question for our technical support service (TSS). You will receive a reply without fail.
Messages are placed on the web-site after checking by the moderator.


Yuri Vasilyevich writes:

Could you tell how demo version differs from the charged one?


Hello, Yuri Vasilyevich!
Demo version is an unregistered version of the program. The unregistered version does not imply neither functional restrictions nor limitations in time, only at changes saving ejects a message "The Model is not registered!". At that all data are saved correctly. You can use the program fully in order to check it for meeting your requirements.
At program registration you get:
1. Registration key file that excludes the message.
2. Licence treaty confirming your rights for use of the program.
3. Technical support by our specialists.

Eugene writes:

What is the maximum number of employees supported by the program correctly?


Hello, Eugene!
The "Personal" system was originally projected for working with great number of employees. There are applications of the "Personal" system at enterprises with number of eployees exceeding 26 thousand people. The system in principle works properly with any number of employees.

Alexey writes:

I have liquidated a department, but in appears in the department list anyway. What should I do?


Hello, Alexey!
The situation described is correct, because a LIQUIDATED department is not deleted from the system! Such situation is typical during enterprise reorganisation: departments structure changes, but ALL old departments must remain in the system, since those have links in previous period (i.d. the history must be correct). For complete deletion it is necessary to proceed operation "Delete".
In order to show/hide the list of deleted departments on the left panel it is necessary to proceed operation "Left panel tuning". By means of this operation you can open or hide tabs of the left panel with objects demanded, including the tab "Liquidated departments list"

Helen writes:

How can I introduce a new appointment if it is absent in the list?


Hello, Helen!
To edit the appointments directory you need to proceed operation "Appointments directory tuning" that supports specificity of appointments introduction.

Nataly writes:

How can I delete a mistakenly entered order? What should I do if it is already registered?


Hello, Nataly!
Electronic card of a mistaken order unregistered yet you can use for creating another order. In case of need, you can rename it by means of operation "Name change".
Deletion of any entity in the system consists of 3 stages:
• On the first stage, the entity must be marked for deletion in one of two directories (Objects directory or Characterstics directory).
• On the second stage, the given entity is checked for presence in other objects' descriptions by pressing the button "Check" in the dialog "Delete from the Model". As a result, the system will show list of objects in which the given entity is mentioned.
• On the third stage, "physical" deletion is proceeded by pressing the button "Delete" in the dialog "Delete from the Model". The system will ask to confirm the operation. The entity may be deleted from the system only in case if it is not included in other objects' descriptions.
More detailed information you can get from the User's Manual: Command "Delete"

Nikolai writes:

How can I tune a report form to requirements of my enterprise?


Hello, Nikolai!
Reports existing in the system are placed in folder "Reports", in which those can be grouped as user needs. For every report exists pattern, an RTF-file with extension "*.frm". This file has a usual structure and contains special symbols for data integration ("Ъ","$"). The whole content of the file can redacted in Microsoft Word (in order to avoid various problmes it is strongly recommended not to touch special symbols). More detailed information you can get from User's Manual: "Report form redacting"

Irina writes:

How can I add a photo of employee to his electronic card?


Hello, Irina!
It is quite simple to add a photo of employee to his card:
• open the employee's electronic card;
• switch to editing mode (for which you have to choose in Menu: "Edit -> Editing". Also, you can use context menu called by pressing right button of the mouse in any place of the electronic card);
• on tab "private data" add parameter "photo" and input in the text line path to the photo (photos are not saved in the Model);
• from this moment on, the photo will be displayed in viewing mode.

Tatiana writes:

I cannot make use of keys combination "Alt"+2. I do not understand what it is meant for?


Hello, Tatiana!
Keys combination "Alt"+2 relates direectly to "Objects panel" that is situated on the left part of the screen and serves for promt access to various objects existing currently in the system. Probably, you have hidden this panel from the screen, therefore you could not use the named keys combination. Read carefully User's Manual again: "The "Personal" system interface".

Sergei writes:

While printing an order, all changes made previously during redacting of that are lost, and next time I call the order it appears in original state.


Hello, Sergei!
The system does not save changes made in MS Word. If you need to save text of the order, you have to do it by choosing command "Save as..." in Menu of MS Word itself and saving to necessary folder.

Alexey writes:

Proceeding point "Order formation" in Menu an error occurs:
"{ Impossible to perform procedure: incorrect data };".


Hello, Alexey!
Operation of order formation can be performed on its opened electronic card ONLY. To load the card choose tab "Drafts" on the left panel, then double-click the left mouse button of the document you need. After this you can perfrom operation "Order formation" for the document. If you need to form a new document, then perform operation "Create an order", and "mark" position "order formation". After creation of document the system will load its card automatically and switch to formation mode. More detailed information you can get from User's Manual: "The system messages and errors".

Alexey writes:

While forming an order (entering name, appointment, salary, и т.д.) an error occurs:
"{Meaning of field 'appointment' must be specific}"


Hello, Alexey!
The "Personal" system provides work with information both specified and generalized. In case if to input a concrete meaning is demanded, while there is a generalized meaning, or there is no meaning at all, the system shows this error.
For example, while choosing a generalized notion "ИТР" from directory instead of concrete appointment (like "chief engineer".)
All dates refer to parameters with specified meaning. Wnen you receive such a message, you should check meanings chosen for parameters, and specify them. More detailed information you can get from User's Manual: "Сообщения системы и ошибки"

Dmitry writes:

How can I input information on employees (or departments) into the program?


Hello, Dmitry!
All the "personnel" work is based on ORDERS (creation of new department, acceptance for employment, name change, etc.). To process any personnel operation first you have to "create an order". by means of typical operation "New order". If you wish to input its content immediately, switch the flag "order formation" on, and then, after inputing necessary attributes, the dialog for formation of order would appear. Formed order is placed into folder "Unregistered orders". You can edit it later on. Registration of order is proceeded by means of operation "Register order", after which the system makes all neccessary changes.
First steps of working with the program are described in "presentation" More detailed information you can get from User's Manual: "Operations"

Alexander writes:

Why are menu points "Edit->Object" and "Edit->Properties" not active?


Hello, Alexander!
Menu points "Edit->Object" and "Edit->Properties" are accessible while forming queries only.