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This is a professional personnel program. The program «Personal» provides automatisation of personnel book-keeping and support of staff management at enterprises with various property forms and various staff quantity (from a few to few thousand people). The personnel program «Personal» allows to decide practically any kind of tasks necessary for staff management. Personnel book-keeping realized in the program provides forming and printing of personnel documents, both in regulated and free mode.

The personnel program «Personal» belongs to a new class of programs based on knowledge and using The «BRAVO» Base of Knowledge. The «BRAVO» Base of Knowledge provides building of Semantic Model of Data Domain and allows to create Common Information Space (CIS), where all necessary and existent process are shown.

Personal Business (Biz)

This version of the professional personnel program «Personal Pro» is adapted for automatisation of personnel book-keeping by unskilled users. The program «Personal Business» is oriented on using in organisations that have no personnel management service as an independent department. Personnel book-keeping in «Personal Business» is simplified and intuitively comprehensible, that allows an unskilled user to keep full-fledged personnel booking in organisation and print all regulated personnel documentation, as well as to get all possible inquiries and statistical reports.

Personal Professional (Pro)

This verse of the personnel program «Personal» is intended for personnel book-keeping automatisation at midsized and large enterprises, where personnel management is an all-round and complicate process. This program provides integration of all personnel tasks in the Common Information Space, improves significantly efficiency of personnel book-keeping, and facilitates personnel management.
Unique capabilities of the program regarding granting and handling of information allow to use it in various fields taking specificity of those into consideration.

Personal University (Uni)

This verse is specialized for automatisation of personnel book-keeping in institutes of higher education. «Personal Uni» is exploited successfully since 2002 and helped to took the first place at All-Russian contest "Best Personnel Service". For automatisation of educational activity of university there is a special system BAZIS invented.


Functionality - ALL necessary personnel functions are realized in the «Personal» system, providing automatisation of personnel management, as well as many additional capabilities. All documents are created in MS Word and MS Excel formats.

Ergonomics - the «Personal» system has a unique interface, providing compfortable and untuitively understandable work. All information concerning staff and departments is represented as an obvious parametrical tree with possibility of editing.

Adaptability - «Personal» is applicable for personnel book-keeping in organisations with any specificity (institutes of higher education, military registration offices, industrial manufacture, banks, and so on).

Scalability - «Personal» allows to work with any number of stff and structure of department with any number of levels. Special mechanisms realized in the program provide executing mass operations on all employees at once.

Historicity - «Personal» keeps the whole history on employees, departments, and documents infinitely with possibility to extract necessary information at any date. The system allows to accept for employment workers fired previously.

Intellectuality - use of the «BRAVO» Base of Knowledge allows unskilled users to form complicate queries without any special knowledge. Result of any query can be exported to MS Excel.

Expansibility - capability to extend functionality of the personnel program, using «Model Constructor» and «WEB-Interface» that allows to integrate various services of enterprises.

Durability - first versions of the «Personal» system were introduced in 1998 году and are used until now. Long life span of the «Personal» system is achived by means of its high reliability and considerable functional capabilities.