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P E R S O N A L  -  M A D I

Creation of the system «Personal Uni» was begun from introducing of the system «Personal Pro» in Moscow Automobile and Road State Technical University (MADI). Great help from the Personnel Service's employees and understanding from the side of the MADI government permitted to create and introduce a new program product - «Personal Uni».

Despite equality of personnel record keeping all along the country, it turned out that specificity of institute brings a diversity of additional requirements to every aspect of the personnel record keeping.

In order to realize specificity of institute of higher education we were forced to widen descriptions of all objects in the Model: emploeeys, departments, documents, supporting them by appropriate algorithms. Also, we had to introduce new classifiers and attributes for employees and departments in order to form regulated reports of higher organisations that demand to conduct record keeping of employees on various criteria. Specialized reports, inherent strictly to institutes of higher education, appeared.

In addition to educational specificity, institutes of higher education imply a number of properties which happened to consider during creation of the system «Personal Uni», such as great quantity of workers and teachers (a few thousand people, as a rule) who may combine a few jobs with various number of rates at the same time. Considering the fact that many teachers work on «terminal» appointments (i.e. are accepted for employment temporarily, usually for 1 year), we can establish confidently the fact that Personnel Department of institute of higher education is due to process a great number of personnel operations. In order to facilitate activity of workers of Personnel Department, in the system «Personal Uni» special algorithms were realized that provide work with a great number of employees. Besides, we were forced to widen substantially the range of functions regarding work with personnel book-keeping, providing forming of orders each of which content a few totally various wordings. Nowadays «Personal Uni» provides adaptable forming of orders and export of those to MS Word that facilitates substantially the work of employees of the Personnel Department.

A great number of employees also creates a problem of prompt extraction of various informational inquiries on staff and departments. There is a unique mechanism of qieries is realized in the system «Personal» with a friendly interface that provides forming of any query from the Model. The result of query can be exported to MS Excel.

Unlike to common enterprises, Personnel Department of institute of higher education collaborates closely with its other departments that need personnel information on staff, such as Accounts department, Library, Guard, Union Committee, Dean's offices, and so on. In order to provide links with other departments, in the system «Personal Uni» additional workplaces for various services are realized that provide restriced access to personnel information. Currently, for the system «Personal Uni» a universal web-interface is realized, allowing to connect by means of any web-browser. Such approach supplies all necessary services and the government of the institute with prompt personnel information.

As the result of our work, a new program named «Personal Uni» was created that absorbed specificity of personnel record keeping in institutes of higher education and operational experience of various universities.
«Personal Uni», definitely, facilitates the work in Personnel Department of institute of higher education substantially.

Personnel Department of MADI
Uses the system «Personal Uni» since 2002.
Winner of the All-Russian Contest of Personnel Services in 2005 and 2006.