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This version of the professional personnel program «Personal Pro» is adapted for automatisation of personnel book-keeping by unskilled users. The program «Personal Biz» is oriented on using in organisations that have no personnel management service as an independent department. Work with the «Personal Biz» is simplified and intuitively comprehensible, that allows an unskilled user to keep full-fledged personnel booking in organisation. The program provides printing of all regulated personnel documentation, as well as forming of all possible inquiries and statistical reports.

«Personal Biz» is easy both in using and maintenance, as it can work in 365 х 24 mode without intervention of system administrators and programmers!

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(Head of automatisation department of military registration office)
Today my colleagues and I have tested the new version. The first impression - a lot of new and useful, including different precautious trifles...
PS. "Personal" is failproof! Thanks again!


Simple and untuitively comprehensible interface - all personnel operations are put to the Toolbar.

Generation of all orders and reports to Microsoft Word. About 100 different reports are realized in the program.

Navigation bar - contains tabs, providing comfortable and quick access to different objects of the system. List and content of tabs can be tuned by users.

Adaptive interface - for displaying and editing of electronic cards of objects. All information is represented as parametrical tree, that provides comfortable and structured work with data. Card editing is proceeded on demand.

Electronic card is able to contain information of any kind (including images, links to files, and others).

Automatical filling of calculated parameters at the moment of opening of the card (age, seniority, pension, etc.).

Personnel management at small enterprises with not numerous staff is not a difficult task, and, theoretically, it can be conducted by any employee. The primary complication is concluded in necessity of timely and correct orders preparation. Patterns of personnel documents and orders are always available in the Internet, with commentaries on how to fill them. Some kind of information, certainly, demands calculation in a given time (for example, firing an employee, or arranging a holiday), that are performed, however, according to simple formulas, easy-to-calculate by means of calendar. If such a task is necessary to fulfil regularly, one has either to hire a specialist, or to install a program that undertakes all the routine operations.

With the help of «Personal Biz» you will lighten your life, while most of personnel work is going to proceed automatically. You will reduce your expenses of personnel book-keeping conduction! The program «Personal Biz» undertakes the whole formal part of personnel book-keeping, and provides correct forming of all necessary orders.

The program «Personal Biz» is easy-to-use and does not demand any special knowledge. An exceptionally important property of the «Personal Biz» is reliability and simplicity in exploitation: «Personal Biz» can work in 365 х 24 mode without intervention of system administrators and programmers!

Advantages of the program:

  • Simple, intuitively comprehensible interface, providing forming of all necessary personnel orders and calculation of all parameters on base of minimal information about employee. You do not have to worry about correction of orders forming, all you need is to fill fields in appropriate dialog, and the system will generate a correct order with all necessary attributes.
  • Database of employees with automatical conduction of all the personnel history and possibility of saving different additional information about employees. The information about employees is kept unlimitedly long. Even if an employee is fired, information about him remains, and you can gain it at any moment. You yourself possess your information and do not depend on accessibility of accountant (or exterior firm). Even if the accountant has been replaced, the whole information remains with you.
  • Database of personnel documentation with possibility of printing documents in Microsoft Word. There is no need to print all documents at once – you can print them in a given time, that simplifies the task of personnel record keeping. You can adjust printing forms to your requirements without assistance (for example, to place the logo of your firm to the header of an order), simply by editing order's pattern in Microsoft Word.
  • A lot of prefabricated reports and typical queries for different situations wtih possibility of exporting results to Microsoft Excel. Powerful embedded mechanism of queries allows you to extract any kind of information from the system in any given time without assistance.
  • If you own a few firms, you can create a separate base for each of those and swap among them at any moment (multiple firms demand an additional system registration).
  • You can use the program both at work and at home. All you need for that is to copy an archive to a local computer (you do not have to buy an additional licence).
  • The system is scalable, i.e. when expanding the enterprise you do not need to purchase a new system – you can continue in the same system, replacing the current interface for the professional one, oriented on processing of greater quantity of employees with complicate personnel record keeping.
  • Free technical support via e-mail during the whole exploitation period of the "Personal" program.

Personnel functions of the «Personal» program:

  • Conduction of employee's personal card (dossier) that contains the whole information about him. The information is divided in tabs. Card structure is adapted at user's discretion.
  • Conduction of employee history, including appointments, displacements, holidays, business trips, and sick-lists. Conduction of several appointments on certain employee.
  • Keeping of employee's photos in electronic card Т-2.
  • Keeping of information on fired employees and liquidated departments unlimitedly long.
  • Conduction of information on departments, and creating of departments structure of unlimited multiplicity.
  • Conducting of manning table of department, supporting by-workers and holding more than one appoinment with saving history of the manning table. Possibility of grouping staff positions, conducting of two manning tables at once, forming of reports on staff movement, etc.
  • Conduction of record keeping on working-time with possibility of auto-filling basing on personnel data.
  • Automatic calculation of all necessary parameters in cards of employees and departments (age, all types of seniority, current appointment, number of employees in department, etc.).
  • Forming of forecast on emplyees, such as pensioning (including preferential), striking off the military register for age reason, birthday prediction, etc.
  • Planning of career development and supporting of candidatures.
  • Designing, saving and printing of personnel documents in compliance with forms, accepted at enterprise, as well as with unified forms for printing primary documentation on personnel record keeping according to statutory acts concerning conduction of personnel documentation at enterprise.
  • By means of orders the following personnel operations are conducted: for employees - acceptance for employment, displacement, dismissal, name change, warrant to business trip, accordance of holidays, and charging of salary; for departments - creation, subordination change, and liquidation.
  • Execution of various personnel operations that are not shown in orders.
  • Documents printing in accordance with norms (T1, T1a, T2, T3, T4, T5, T5a, T6, T60, T61, T6a, T7, T8, T8a, T9, T10, T10a, TD) and in free form. Availability of document correction before printing.
  • Forming of reports, including complicate ones, based on information about employee from personal card Т-2 considering all amendments at current date, as well as at any date defined by user.
  • Forming of reports based on information about departments, considering all amendments at current date, as well as at any date defined by user.
  • Forming of orders based on information contained in documents, both current and archived. All reports are formed as tables with possibility of correction, printing, and exporting to Microsoft Excel.
  • Plotting of diagrams, showing visually various statistical activities (distribution of employees in age and departments, distribution of acceptances and dismissals in years, and so on).
  • Automatic printing of reference for working and fired employees.
  • Creation of archived copies of data.
  • Conduction of system directories with possibility to create new groups and new meanings related to several groups, to transfer meaning between groups, to delete meaning on several levels providing logical integrity of data.
  • Acceptance for employment under civil labour contracts.

"Unique" functions of the «Personal» program:

  • Possibility to include any number of whatever personnel wordings into order. Id est, one certain order may contain various personnel operations. For instance: "new acceptance for employment", "new department creation", "granting holidays", "name change", etc. At registration of such document automatic distribution of information among necessary descriptions is executed (for the «Personal Pro» system only)
  • Intelligent order printing with automatic generation of respective text wordings.
  • Possibility to create optional descriptions for any object. Id est, any object (for example, an "employee") may contain only proper description.
  • Unique interface - electronic card with possibility to display optional descriptions and to edit information on demand. Optional addition and deletion of tabs in card.
  • Remote expansion of functionality, meaning possibility to "order" new parameters, tabs, reports, documents, etc. Structure complexity of elements added is unlimited.
  • Unique mechanism of queries allows user to extract any kind of information from the system without assistance. At that, no matter how and where the information is kept in the system, user formulates a query strictly in terms of certain task.
  • Possibility to use generalization, both at formulating queries and description, that allows to operate with classes of entities, id est there is no need to enumerate all the elements relative to the class. For instance, at calculation of seniority it is necessary to distinguish the category of employees at unhealthy jobs. The system allows user to operate with notion "unhealthy job", at the same time attribution of any existing entity to this notion is provided owing to the unique mechanism of "cross-folders".
  • Possibility of prompt adaptation of the system to solve not only personnel tasks.